Carpe November

Nov 7, 2019

Take care & prepare.

Mornings are my favorite time of day. Waking before dawn and starting my day in contemplation, slowly, with time to myself and for myself, with my practices, before the kids need waking, the lunches need making and the breakfast for all the creatures is served.

And though October is one of my favorite months, and this year it was exceptionally glorious, with me paddling into mid month, but, every year, I forget how hard it is for me to get up early as the month goes on. I love to watch the sunrise, but I don’t love rising a full 90 minutes BEFORE the sun has to. It seems WRONG. 🙂

So for the last couple of weeks, I have been lingering under the covers, feeling more like my teenager than the CARPE DIEM attitude I try to foster.

But SUNDAY, ah Sunday, we “fell backward” at 2 am and I woke up easily and refreshed before 5am. I had so much time after my morning rituals that I went for a hike BEFORE teaching my 9am class. Yes, I had CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN before 7:30am. Two weeks ago, just dragging my ass out of bed felt like an uphill battle. 😉

As I climbed the boulders to the peak, with dogs in tow, I felt renewed. Like I was back in sync with nature and was ready to seize the day. CARPE NOVEMBER was the phrase that kept going through my mind. And it’s a good thing because November is really about preparing. Doing all the things that need to get done before winter sets in: Rake the leaves, Clean the coop, Bring up the boots and gloves and the rest of the hats and scarves. Pull up the last of the spinach and tomato vines and put that garden to bed. Being outside and soaking in the still warm midday sunshine.

 With the clocks rolling back, I could get a jump on the day.  I, like many, feel the most productive in the morning and love rising early, so the day before me feels spacious. I had time again for myself, to take care of myself and then felt so capable to take care of everything else. And November is the month to take care of preparations still in need to be ready for the coming winter.

Autumn is a contemplative time. A time for releasing, relinquishing and letting go of old patterns, beliefs or things that have been a burden. Just as the trees give up their leaves and we watch them flutter to the ground, we see how nature’s cycles are reflected in our lives, as we reflect back on the year. As nature goes underground and becomes seemingly dormant, it’s really all in preparation for the next renewal in Spring. 

We may sense the impulse to turn inward as we see it mirrored in the dark that comes earlier each afternoon.  Viewed as a blessing rather than as a curse, we may feel as if we suddenly have longer evenings, which can mean more time for relaxation, studying, or crafting (I swear that this will be the winter where I will learn to knit for the last time.) 

What is it that you want to bring forth in the coming year? After all, we are plant nature and are also governed by the seasons. 

Let this month beckon you in and out. Take care of yourself, so you can take care of all that needs tending. 

Carpe November everyone.  In Balance. In Love,