Yoga for Injury Prevention

Aug 20, 2019

Dear Yogis,

I’m writing this blog post on Wednesday, August 14th, which happens to be GLOBAL YOGA THERAPY DAY. WOOHOO!

So, I wanted to let you know that I will be co-leading a 5 day Yoga for Injury Prevention and Management training this September that is all things yoga therapy.

Yoga has definitely gone global and the gaining popularity of buzz words like Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga can be seen in offerings in Teacher Trainings and workshop all around.

But what exactly is Yoga Therapy?

According to the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the governing body of accredited yoga therapy programs and yoga therapists, “Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.”

That seems logical. But to me that is what all yoga should be, right?

And full disclosure, I have been through two different yoga therapy trainings. The first one was a 500 hr. year long Integrative Therapist Training with the Urban Zen Foundation back in 2009. Recently, I just completed the 850 hr. Professional Yoga Therapist Program at Kripalu. Both of these were life changing and so valuable for me.  

But I keep falling back on my belief that all yoga should be restorative and all yoga should be therapeutic. 

So why do some people feel worse after doing yoga? Or their knee, hip, shoulder etc. hurts in certain poses?

It has to do with your first nature, and your first nature is unconscious and habitual.

So just imagine that you and I go out for a run together. (This alone requires a LOT of imagination on my part. 😉 ) And as we run along the trail, we both trip over the same root sticking up from the ground and we both fall EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

I would hurt my left knee and you would hurt your (insert your weak link here).

Because that is the place in your body that is primed to be injured. It may be the badly sprained ankle from childhood, or it may be the very strong shoulder that carries everything, both physically, energetically and emotionally. 
And our blind spots are always where we get blindsided. 
So much of the injuries that I see happening in yoga are really just the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

How you habitually hold yourself, where you collapse, where you grip, the joints you overuse, the joints you compress IN YOUR DAILY LIFE, are the same patterns you bring to your practice. So whether you hurt yourself picking up a piece of furniture, or coming up from trikonasana, the injury was there, waiting to happen.

Don’t fret! Because we can make a choice to be conscious about our yoga practice and train (or re-train) our potential weaknesses and blind spots to be better, to be fuller, to be more schooled. And when we learn something new, that is our second nature coming into play. 
We weren’t born knowing how to read, or write. We had to learn it. That’s second nature. So when we bring consciousness and training to what was previously unconscious and habitual, suddenly we have choices and we are more dynamic.
We can change our narrative and change the patterning of our posture, our neurology, our tendencies, and instead, have a practice that makes us fuller, bigger, more radiant and voluminous. A practice of LONGEVITY.

I have been fascinated with the body for decades. I love to bring students out of a place of pain in their bodies and see the A-HA moments when they find something that was previously unavailable to them.

          How to open up a knee joint correctly.
          How to not displace their shoulder.
          How to infuse breath and find integration.

Whether you were recommended to yoga to heal an existing injury, or whether you want more knowledge on how to avoid injuries in your practice or your life 

because that’s the real goal, LONGEVITY

this training will dive into identifying your blind spots, why different people will develop different things, and how to be more available within, so you can be more available without.

The product of my personal practice and my decades long inquiry of the body is this 5 day Therapeutics Training at Kripalu 

 I hope your practice is serving you well.
in love,